Issues like this can sometimes seem confusing. Here are a few answers to questions people have...

There are some patrols at Wasaga, Sandbanks and other provincial parks, are there not?

The parks department has a few people on patrol, but there are no rescue boats and they're in full dress, not in Speedos. They're there mainly to monitor bylaw infractions and they're fast when it comes to beer cans or dogs, but not when it's pulling someone out of the water. Then, time is of the essence. To survey the beach and the water properly, you have to be up high

Is Wasaga more dangerous than it looks?

It's very deceptive. You have the long sandbar, so you think you can venture out forever. But there's an offshore breeze, so a guy on an air mattress can suddenly find himself far out in the bay and unable to fight the current. Then he panics and falls off and thinks the sandbars are still touchable, but they aren't. There's a huge drop-off. We used to bring in people in those situations every day.

What did the lifeguard program look like years ago when it was still present?

They had 24 lifeguards, 12 lifeguard towers, and two boats monitoring the 14-km beach.