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Our Goal

You've probably already guessed it. We want to bring back lifeguards to Wasaga beach and other high profile public beaches in Ontario. We need your help. We need people to put more pressure on local and provincial governments to make the change.

The lifeguard program at Wasaga Beach was terminated in the 1990s. The lifeguard towers at Wasaga Beach were not only removed but burned as well, ensuring they would not be returning. In the wake of multiple drownings at both Wasaga Beach and other high profile beaches in Ontario, we feel it is time the lifeguard program at Wasaga Beach is reinstated. After years of work lobbying both provincial and town representatives, it appeared that the lifeguards would in fact be back in 2018. That however, did not happen. Once the jurisdiction for the program was handed down to the Town of Wasaga, Town council voted NOT to reinstate the lifeguard program. Citing cost as the factor they chose instead to install woefully inadequate warning signs and life rings on posts instead.

Meet the Team

John Watt and Elaine Tanner have been working tirelessly for many years to lobby local and provincial governments to restore this vital program


John Watt

Former Director of Municipal Parks and Recreation in Ontario  SDMRO, Former Wasaga Beach lifeguard


John Watt was a lifeguard at Wasaga Beach for three summers from the late 1960s to the early 1970s and believes that system was far more effective than the few warning signs that are in place today.


Elaine Tanner OC

Multiple Olympic & Commonwealth Medalist, International Sports Hall of Fame member


Arguably one of Canada’s greatest and most versatile swimmers in history, she pioneered Canadian swimming internationally and laid the foundation of excellence for others to follow.


Next Steps...

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